Cockroaches are eating the eggs and masks

From Manager, April 1, 2020
PM Prayuth: This building has a lot of cockroaches… If we leave them here, they will be eaten. [the cartoonist means that the Democrat Party, referred to as “cockroaches” in the media for their ability to survive and thrive even in factious political times, is mismanaging–perhaps even misappropriating–vital items they control under the Ministry of Commerce]
On the green box: Face masks
On the brown box: Eggs
On the building: Ministry of Commence
On the truck: Ministry of Interior
Caption: Take those goods away

[Refers to the inefficient management of the Ministry of Commence in allocating products, such as face masks and eggs, during the Covid-19 crisis.
The government has been strongly criticized by the public for its failure to control the price and supply of necessary products.
In response, the government decided to transfer the supervising of these items, which were under the supervision of a ministry led by a Democrat Party figure, to other ministries including the Ministry of Interior.
The media refers to the Democrat Party as “cockroaches” as they have somehow been able to survive never being dissolved as a party and tend to pop up in government after government.]

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