Cobra or the Indian?

From Naewna, December 15, 2016
Left: I’m just a cobra from the story where I would bite a farmer.
Caption: See a snake
Middle: I’m just an Indian providing loans and receiving interest, but I’ve never forced anyone to borrow money from me.
Caption: See an Indian person
Right: I’m the coolest person who used to visit heaven and talk with Steve Jobs… Oops!!!
Caption: See a bald person. Old people said we can hit it because it will pervert religion. When you die [after doing this], then you will be in heaven for sure!!!

[Refers to the Thai proverb that “when you meet a snake and an Indian person along a road, you should hit the Indian first.” This means that Indian people are more dangerous than snakes. This prejudice comes from the perception that, in the past, Indians were often loan sharks.
However, the cartoon jokingly adds that even more dangerous than Indians is Dhammakaya’s abbot Dhammachaya who uses the monkhood to take advantage of people. The cartoon references Dhammachaya’s bizarre claims that he can visit heaven and one time while he was there he met Steve Jobs.
More: The Weird Claims of Dhammakaya]

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