Closing the cases

From Naewna, August 26, 2019
Top: Person who ordered [showing Thaksin]
Mid: Persons who encouraged [showing the Red Shirt leaders]
On the hammer: 19.3 million compensation for encouraging the Red Shirts to burn the buildings.
Bottom: Person who burned [showing a buffalo; To refer to a person as a “buffalo” is an insult meaning they are stupid. Here it is used to refer to the pro-Thaksin rank-and-file Red Shirts.]
On the ball and chain: Jail [meaning the low-level henchmen are caught for actions ordered by those who cannot be touched by the law]

[Refers to the leaders of the Red Shirts Jatuporn, Nattawut and Arisman who were ordered by the Supreme Court to pay 19.3 million baht plus 7.5% interest in total of an estimated 30 million baht for damages caused by fires set in a commercial building during the the 2010 Red Shirt protest in central Bangkok.
The cartoonist gleefully shows the Red Shirt leaders being smashed. However they were actually let off the hook. Several of them have began cooperating with the government so it is likely that the former junta would want to quickly close out legal cases against them from incidents nearly 10 years ago.
In a Thai-style facing-saving compromise, the Red Shirt leaders were acquitted of the arson that followed their protest, but held responsible for their repeated public threats during the protests that Bangkok would burn if the authorities acted against them.]

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From Manager, August 28, 2019
Jatuporn and Arisman: You must ask only him to pay 30 million*… He said for people let burn it and he would take responsibility!
*Payment for damage 19.3 million plus 7% interest per year in total of 30 million

[Refers to three Red Shirt leader Jatuporn, Nattawut and Arisman who were ordered to pay compensation for inciting the burning of buildings in Bangkok during the 2010 Red Shirt protest.
The cartoon refers to a quote where a Red Shirt leader Nattawut Saikua made a very Thai-style boast that if protesters take violent action he would take responsibility. The idea of a leader telling his followers or employees to do something outside the bounds of law and that he would take responsibility for it is a common concept in the Thai world.]

From Manager, September 3, 2019
Jatuporn: Boss!!… Three of us have been ordered to pay 30 million because of you… Don’t you think you should help?
Thida: We are lucky, Weng.
On the pipe: Financial support pipe from Dubai [meaning the money Thaksin provided to finance and direct the Red Shirt protests in 2009 and 2010; in Thai editorial cartoons the influence of money is depicted as water coming from a pipe]

[This cartoon show Red Shirt leaders Jatuporn, Nattawut and Arisman who were ordered by the court to pay around 30 million baht for inciting the arson during protests in 2010. This illustrates the belief that the leaders were betrayed by Thaksin who should now help them pay their debt.
In the background Red Shirt leader Thida and her husband congratulate themselves for safely remaining in the background of the movement during the protests and refraining from making bold threats on Thaksin’s behalf.]

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