Weekly News Magazines: Clever, Cautious, Creative in Democracy, January, 2018

From Siamrath Weekly Review, January 12-18, 2018
Main cover reads: Can’t reach a [red] star
[PM Prayuth Chan-ocha is pictured. This references the desire of Prayuth to retain his position after the next elections amid the faltering popularity of the junta.]

From Matichon Weekly, January 12-18, 2018
Main cover reads: Different ‘forms’ various ‘pictures’
[Refers to the life-size cardboard figure of PM Prayuth uthat was set up on National Children’s Day. PM Prayuth told reporters they could aks their questions to the cardboard figure if they wanted to ask about politics or conflict. Such antics recall the arrogance of Thaksin when he was prime minister. PM Prayuth himself is known for his aggressive verbal nature with reporters.]
Top right: Khanchai-Thakoon Boonparn [red] point out the future of ‘Matichon’ [black] amid a period of a change of ‘media’
[Men in the picture from left to right are his Khanchai Boonparn and his nephew Thakoon Boonchai. This refers to the direction of well-known media company Matichon under two executives Khanchai and Thakoon amid intense completion with social media.]

From Manager Weekly, January 13-19, 2017
Main cover reads: Clever Cautious Creative in technology
[Refers to PM Prayuth and his cardboard mock-up set up at government house for National Children’s Day. The headline is the slogan of National Children’s Day. Here it is used to mock the junta chief’s attitude towards the press.]
Top: The world’s richest football player from [blue] ‘Leicester’ [black] a nephew of the Sultan of Brunei
[Refers to 19-year-old football player from the premier league Leicester Faiq Bolkiah. He is the nephew of the the Sultan of Brunei, one of the world’s richest leaders. ]
Bottom left: ‘Pinky’ after divorce!! [yellow] Sexy but not as popular [white] due to her past
[Refers to actress Savika ‘Pinky’ Chaiyadech who recently got divorced and is returning to acting again. However, the path is not easy as there is news about her having an affair with another actress’s husband. Due to this scandal, some big channels reportedly refused to hire her for their soap operas.]
Bottom-right: NACC’s draft law violates the constitution. Today abuse the power. Tomorrow [red] being jail jail jail
On the jail bars: NACC NLA
[Refers to a draft organic law concerning extending the term of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC). This draft was approved by the junta’s National Legislative Assembly (NLA) even though it is believed to violate the new constitution. This implies that the junta is utilizing their power to push forward laws and regulations to benefit themselves. The headline jokes that this could cause the members of NACC and NLA to end up in jail.]

From Lokwannee, January 13-19, 2018
Main cover reads: “Happy Children’s Day”
Above the sheep from left to right: Clever, Cautious, Creative in democracy
[Refers to the National Children’s Day slogan–“Clever, cautious, creative in technology.”
The cover mocks this by saying the junta is using these qualities–“clever, cautious, creative”–to deny democracy.
The baby’s hand shows the luxury ring and watch that has hounded Deputy PM Prawit as suspected undeclared assets.
Thais use sheep to symbolize a liar. This is contrasted with a goat that is used to mean a scapegoat or a person who is not lying.
For example, there was a recent story of a teacher who was accused of a hit-and-run accident. At first she protested her innocence, implying the police were blaming her when they knew someone else was at fault. Later it was shown she was the culprit. The headline read something like “Goat turns to sheep.”
This magazine cover shows lying sheep telling people the children’s day motto but replacing “technology with “democracy.” This implies that the military is not sincere in returning democracy to the people.]

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