Cleaning up the mess of democracy

From Komchadluek, June 24, 2014
Above the man’s head: Politician
On the small model of Democracy Monument he is holding: Democracy
Above the trash at left: The country’s problems

[This cartoon illustrates a very Thai notion that is not usually apparent to Western observers who simply describe the coup as anti-democratic. The cartoonist shows the military cleaning up problems created by greedy politicians who abused democracy to enrich themselves and rewrite the rules to cement their power.
This illustrates a widespread Thai unease with democracy and politicians who are assumed to act for their own interests and underlines the difficulty of building robust democratic institutions in Thailand.
Published on the anniversary of the overthrow of the absolute monarchy in 1932, also expresses the belief that the revolution only led to endless rounds of self-serving and greedy men trying to rule in the name of democracy.]

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