Cleaning the Constitutional Court

From Manager, November 23, 2010
The sign on the building reads: The Constitutional Court
The man is saying: What!... must clean within 30 days!?
The graffiti on the building at left reads: Poy Taew Tak Chimi [Poy is the name of the person involved with the revealed clip of the ex-secretary of Constitutional Court Chief, but the name is the same as the name of a transvestite actor, known by the film Hor Taew Tak. "Chimi" is a Thai saying meaning "is that right?" that was banned by Deputy PM Trairong Suwankiri in one the periodic campaigns to maintain the purity of the language.]
The caption at the bottom reads: The cause that Bowornsak escaped [this refers to the resignation of Bowornsak Uwanno, Secretary-General of the King Prajadhipok Institute, who resigned from the panel investigating the leaked Constitutional Court video clips.]

[The entire cartoon refers to the government pledge to clean up the destruction in Bangkok caused by the Red Shirts within 30 days. However, the damage caused by the secret video clips at the Constitutional Court may take longer to repair. The video clips have shown the court to be as compromised by Thai-style political bargaining as any other institution.]
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