Claim: Thai junta has access to messages sent via Facebook

Arrests reveal compromise in online privacy – Bangkok Post, May 3, 2016
…Mr Narit reportedly told a friend who visited him that authorities had shown him screenshots of the messages and used them as evidence.
He said officials had not forced him to give his Facebook password nor seized his cell phone.
Mr Narit warned it was no longer safe to send private messages to the inbox.
“Officers showed me the screenshots and asked me whom I was referring to,” Fahroong Srikhao quoted Mr Harit as saying on Facebook on Monday.
“It doesn’t matter what the message is — even an invitation for a drink — they can access it. I’d like someone to ask Facebook Thailand about this and I repeat again inbox chat is no longer private,”…

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One Response to Claim: Thai junta has access to messages sent via Facebook

  1. Anonymous says:

    Many Thai Nettizens have fed up with those anti Junta activists to the point that they have become willing spies and moles to track down anti Junta activists through social networks since those anti Junta activists have failed to come up with any better alternatives …

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