Chuwit’s Back!


The sign reads: Bored by politics, but must go for the election – I ask to be the opposition party against corruption – Vote Chuwit altogether in every zone-the whole nation – Rakprathedthai Party

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  1. Banksy says:

    I watched that recent Nation video of Chuwit and sort of enjoyed his loose-cannon-ness. However, I’m struck by the thought that to really strike a convincing rebel yell the first thing he needs to do is drop the word ‘rak’ from his party name. He isn’t going to get many votes anyway, so why not go the whole hog and lose in true style with some indication that he really is fed-up with the total BS that surrounds politics here. He can afford it.

    Whereas there are almost certainly some people who do love this country, I would suggest that many are just going through the motions they have been taught they must go through. Additionally, they really do not have much option but to lump it and like it. A cold climate and bland food do nothing to embellish the desirability of countries you can’t really afford to live in. And most neighboring countries are also an anarchic and corrupt mess.

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