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Chuwit is back - August 21, 2010
The sign reads: Rak Pratet Thai Party - Do not allow someone to divide Thailand - Gathering blood and flesh of Thailand [part of the lyrics of the national anthem] - Chuwit Kamolvisit, leader of the Rak Pratet Thai Party

Thai soapy massages meet politics - Global Post, May 26, 2010
[Thanks to Jess for pointing this out.]
...But how exactly are you going to fix police corruption?
You catch some official, he goes to jail. Let’s say 10 years. Then society will say, “Really? Now someone’s really in jail for corruption!”...

Chuvit setting up a party - Bangkok Post, February 17, 2010
[Despite early election losses, Chuwit attracted much interest with his bold talk about exposing corruption. However, he alienated many when he abandoned his political organization and joined the soulless Chart Thai Party.]


New Chuwit billboard - October 25, 2008
It reads: Where are you? 340,616 people - Who choose Chuwit, I appreciate it - I do not give up and will continue to fight for the nation - For nobody but Thais - [small symbol on the left - possibly a new political party logo] Fight for Thai

Chuwit: 'The BMA just rents one room in a house comprised of many rooms' - Bangkok Post, September 22, 2008


Chuwit's dream - August 1, 2008
The billboard reads: Last night I dreamed that Thai people love each other, but will my dreams come true?


Give him one more chance... - April 12, 2008
[As many have suspected, Chuwit's series of billboards seem to be a pre-campaign for Bangkok Governor later this year.]
It reads: Stop at Bangkok please. "I will get off" Give Chuwit one more chance to change Bangkok.


Chuwit billboard - March 24, 2008
It reads: Over 6 billion spent on fire the truck project that Bangkokians never use.
[Even even though the sentence ends with question mark, it does not seem to be a question. It means "the government has spent over 6 billion baht on the fire truck project. But it's useless as people in Bangkok do not get any benefit from it." Literally it says Bangkokians cannot get even one baht from such project.]


Above: You are a liar. You don’t have a standpoint. You disappoint the society. You lie to the people. You make excuses to deceive the public.

Chuwit billboards - February 23, 2008


Above: When politicians don’t keep their words, what should the public do?

Chuwit calls on coalition MPs to blindfold themselves when voting for PM - The Nation, January 28, 2008
Chuwit: The people’s guard dog - Malaysia Star, January 26, 2008
...Since 2004, the Chuvit billboard has been a much-awaited event in Bangkok. There’s even an English-language, Thailand-based blog,, keeping track of them.
In June 2006, there he was with his arms stretched out and saying: “I love you. Let’s love each other. We are all born in Thailand...”

Banharn! - January 21, 2008

The billboard reads: Person like you.
No veracity, not clear.
The nation does not want you.

This is most likely a reference to Chat Thai's leader Banharn's move to join the People Power Party coalition.


Banharn threatens to sue Chuwit for B100m - Bangkok Post, January 29, 2008
Chart Thai party leader Banharn Silpa-archa has threatened to file both civil and criminal lawsuits demanding 100 million baht from former party deputy leader Chuwit Kamolvisit for allegedly defaming him...

Chuwit quits Chart Thai - The Nation, November 27, 2007
Chart Thai Party deputy leader Chuwit Kamolvisit said he decided to quit from the party because he could not accept party leader Banharn Silapa-archa's lack of political commitment....


Chuwit frustrated! - November 13, 2007
It reads: No choices. No exit. No happiness. No truth. That is Thai politics.


Chuwit: Attack dog! - November 14, 2007
It reads: I’m a guard dog for the country. When you cheat, I’ll bark. When you’re involved in corruption, I’ll bite you.


Chuwit: Stay wise, people! - November 13, 2007
The billboard reads: Do you believe this? Debts paid by others. Free gifts. Free tuition fees. Happiness. These are not real. Stay wise, people.

Chuwit watch: Former massage tycoon won't run for MP - Bangkok Post, October 26, 2007


Chuwit billboards return! - October 11, 2007
This billboard is at the entrance to the expressway at Huay Kwang: Will you deposit (entrust) the future with a nominee? Chuwit Kamolvisit
[Chuwit, as Chat Thai member, seems to be taking a swipe at the People Power Party and its leader Samak who is seen as a nominee for deposed PM Thaksin. ]

Re-cap of the Chuwit saga - Bangkokeyes, August 17, 2006
Chuwit watch - The Nation, July 28, 2006
Outspoken massage parlor tycoon-turned-politician, Chuwit Kamolvisit, showed up at the gate of the Bangkok Remand Prison with traditional sweet and Chinese noodle for the three jailed ex-EC members. Chuwit’s presence was seen as an attempt to further embarrass the EC members who had previously removed him from his MP status.

Chuwit, Thai Rak Thai lawyer summoned by Criminal Court - The Nation, July 28, 2006
...Amnuay said the fact that Chuwit carried foods and drinks for the former EC commissioners after they got jail sentence, led to a quarrel with the EC supporters and caused turmoil in the court's compound.
Amnuay said Thana Benjathikul, a lawyer of Thai Rak Thai leader Thaksin Shinawatra, had strongly criticised the verdict against the EC and criticised the court's decision to deny bail against the former commissioners...

Chuwit acquitted - The Nation, July 13, 2005
...However, charges of damaging property, intrusion, illegal detention and forcing others to act against their will against Chuwit, Lt-Colonel Himalai Phewphan of the Supreme Command, Army Major Thanyathep Thamathorn and 126 others were dismissed by the court on the grounds that the plaintiffs' testimonies did not carry enough weight.
The incident took place during darkness and it was impossible to identify who carried out the demolition, the court said.
...However, the court found evidence of the involvement of lawyer Chanvej Malaibucha, who worked for the Nickel Company that carried out the demolition. He was initially sentenced to one year in jail, but this was reduced to eight months because of his useful testimony.


Chuwit is back and he loves you! - June 23, 2006
Chuwit's new billboard reads: I love you. Let's love each other. We are all born in Thailand.

Chuwit disqualified as MP - The Nation, January 26 , 2006
The Constitution Court Thursday disqualified Chat Thai party-list MP Chuwit Kamolvisit on ground that he had not joined the party for at least 90 days before the general election last year...


Chuwit and sledgehammer - January 3, 2005
Chuwit billboard: Quash the cheating people, expose the evil people, do not fear the influential!

Chuvit colour-codes cabinet - Bangkok Post, March 17, 2005
...Yesterday, he unveiled his cabinet guide, which assigns each minister to a group _ Mr Thaksin's friends [T], faction leaders or representatives [G] and the party's financial supporters [$]...
''Colour-coding zones in the southern-most provinces seemed to backfire on Prime Minister Thaksin, so I have decided to help him out by using it on his cabinet members instead,'' said Mr Chuvit...

Chuwit’s persona might be annoying but he’s an asset, say opposition MPs - The Nation, February 24, 2005
Massage parlour king makes smashing entry into Thai parliament - Channel NewsAsia, February 18, 2005
Thai massage parlour king turned politician Chuwit Kamolvisit made his legislative debut Friday by smashing a bath tub with his trademark sledgehammer and lying in a coffin outside parliament.
"I smashed the bath tub to show that I am no longer involved in the massage parlour business, and I laid down in the casket to show that the old Chuwit has died and now voters have voted to give birth to a new Chuwit," he told reporters...

Unofficial tally lands Chuwit in Parliament - The Nation, February 10, 2005
Former massage-parlour tycoon Chuwit Kamolvisit will make his way to Parliament for the first time after the Election Commission yesterday announced that unofficial results from party-list voting means his Chat Thai Party will win seven party-list House seats...

Defiant Chuwit won't vote for Thaksin as PM - Bangkok Post, February 10, 2005
..."I am not like other politicians who mostly dare not speak out or do whatever they are told by their parties. I think I will do a better job than they do in parliament.
"This is because I entered politics with a strong desire to work, and not to sleep or search through pornographic websites while sitting in parliament,'' he said...

Party orders Chuwit to tone down speeches - Bangkok Post, December 4, 2004
Billionaire Chuwit Kamolvisit has been instructed by Chart Thai leaders to tone down his forceful campaign speeches and avoid making any scathing references to Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra or government policies, a party source said...

Tycoon's park to open before poll - FTN leader says he's not buying votes - Bangkok Post, November 21, 2004
...Mr Chuwit, who pledged to transform his six-rai plot of land at the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 10 into a park equipped with a library during his recent campaign for Bangkok governor, said he intended to open the park to the public before the Feb 13 general election...
Although the park is privately owned, Mr Chuwit said he would not take the land back and turn it into a commercial complex ``at least during my lifetime''...
The land, which was home to many bars that were demolished by men believed to be working for Mr Chuwit himself, is valued at about 1.2 billion baht. Mr Chuwit said he had turned down an offer of 700 million baht for the land from an investor.

Chuwit's talk show cancelled by Army TV - AP, September 16, 2004
A television station has abruptly canceled a planned talk show featuring a sex tycoon-turned-politician famous for his anti-establishment views, raising fresh charges of unfair government influence over the media...

Chuwit's website unregistered - June 11, 2004
The Nation recently announced Chuwit Kamolvisit's campaign website would be, but it appears the domain name is not even registered...
Earlier: Chuwit's website - June 10, 2004
Massage parlor king/Bangkok governor Chuwit Kamolvisit is supposed to have a new website here:, but it does not appear to be online yet. Anyone know if this is the correct url?

Davis Group businesses being sold - The Nation, May 27, 2004
Commercial sex mogul Chuwit is selling off his massage parlors to build a 5-star hotel: "It will be like Phuket right in the heart of Sukhumvit Road. It will look like [the now-defunct] Siam Intercontinental Hotel," he said.


Chuwit campaign billboard - April 25, 2004
For some reason, gets a lot of email asking 'What is Chuwit doing these days?" The answer is running a quixotic campaign for Bangkok Governor. This billboard is near the south end of Wiphawadeerangsit Road. It reads "Choose Chuwit to be governor of Bangkok.
Governor is marked out and underneath is written man of service. (Conor notes that "servant" is a better translation of this.)
Chuwit's political party - March 2, 2004
The headquarters of massage parlors mogul Chuwit Kamolvisit's political party on Ratchadapiesek Road (right). It is called Thon Thrakul Thai - Thai Ancestry Party. "Strong ideas, strong talk, strong action."

Have sex, flash your badge and skip the bill - The Nation, September 5, 2003
We try not to cover issues that are already well-covered in the local press, but this one had a funny slant---watch for to be reprinted in the Weird or Odd news sections of the international press: Acting Suthisarn Police chief Colonel Varanvas Karunyathat defended the police action, saying that the officers involved needed to have sex with the masseuses to gain evidence for the arrest. He added that the police confiscated hundreds of used condoms from Chuwit's massage parlours.




Chuwit rides the Skytrain - 1:50pm, September 2, 2003
Massage parlor tycoon Chuwit rides the Skytrain from Chong Nong Si to Siam Stations with the press in tow.


The massage parlour scandal - July 15, 2003

At the beginning of May, reported how the foreign press referred to Chuwit Kamolvisit as the 'king of commercial sex' while the local press were still deferentially referring to the tycoon as a 'Managing Director.' Now even the local press are reporting all the sordid details of his empire and his dangerous war of words with the police.

While this news has been slathered across all the papers, The Nation has had several informative articles about how the Chuwit Kamolvisit saga relates relates to Thai culture:

Sex still sells for tycoon - The Nation, July 13, 2003
Besides Victoria Secret, they mention more details of the Chuwit empire: Chuwit's other upscale parlours include Honolulu, Emmanuelle, Hi-Class and Copa Cabana. They are clustered around Ratchadaphisek Road, where several other top-end parlours thrive. (the last one is Julianna)
While we are sure Mr. Chuwit's massage parlours are 'legitimate,' 2Bangkok has been informed repeatedly by numerous sources over many years that the sex industry in Thailand--particularly the extravagant massage parlours that have grown up in recent years--are really used to launder money from various schemes both domestic and foreign.

Also: Chuwit and the police: a cultural parable - The Nation, July 12, 2003
From the police's point of view, Chuwit was guilty of a lack of gratitude. He has been able to run his morally "grey" business simply because the police looked the other way. In the words of police Maj-General Wichienshote Sukchoterat, a deputy permanent secretary of the Justice Ministry, police had already paid back operators of illegal businesses by turning a blind eye, and thus owed no debts to them. "It is rather a quid pro quo," said Whichienshote, referring to Thai proverb yuen moo, yuen maew ("You give me a pig, I give you a cat.").

Keeping Chuwit in perspective - The Nation, September 14, 2003
The massage tycoon alleges bribery and the police allege prostitution. Both sides vehemently deny the charges. But anyone with half a brain can deduce that both charges are true, and anyone who tries to deny them is regarded as a hypocrite and a liar...
Apparently, the people who lost face did not get the money. Either that or the money was not enough. When Chuwit came out with his bribery allegations, even more face and more money was lost. Gen Sant must have felt rather awkward denying that his officers were accepting bribes while at the same time transferring scores of them from their precincts. He lost face and he didn't get paid for it.

A tale of two newspapers: Describing a local tycoon - May 3, 2003
After the Sukumwit Square demolition controversy, what is interesting is the way the local and foreign press describe one of the central protagonists--Chuwit Kamolvisit. He is typically referred to in the local press as 'managing director of Sukumwit Silver Star Co.' The foreign press has openly referred to him as the 'king of commercial sex.' states: Chuwit Kamolvisit, 42, widely known as a boss of the Thai sex industry, was arrested late last week after 10 weeks on the run. Chuwit, who runs nine large massage parlours in Bangkok, has a personal fortune estimated at more than $250million. He was arrested in connection with the demolition of a whole Bangkok city block of "beer bars" to make way for a new brothel. Australian Federal Police officers in Bangkok are investigating the extent of Chuwit's involvement in the sex industry in Australia and his property interests in this country.

The Nation
which is usually prepared to go a bit further than other local press in exposing local 'big men,' reports: Meanwhile, Metropolitan Police have placed anti-drugs banners over Chuwit's family name at a number of police booths around Bangkok. Chuwit donated money for the construction of several police booths in central Bangkok. The police, in recognition of this, placed signs on the booths with the foundation carrying his family name: the Kamolvisit Ancestors Foundation.

How much things cost - July 9, 2003
Chuwit Kamolvisit, formerly one of Bangkok's most influential men, admitted he paid police 12 million baht per month in bribes to run his many massage parlors. “I used to buy whole trays of Rolex watches for police officers. I used to carry cash in black plastic bags for them. But they are still harassing me.” Police have already threatened to sue: He said there were about 13,000 metropolitan policemen and it was possible that some of them might be corrupt. “So, we will check to verify the information. If it turns out to be incorrect, we will have to take legal action to protect the reputation of our agency,” Damrongsak said.
Notice that The Nation is using the "king of commercial sex," description for Kamolvisit. We think was the first English-language press to mention this back in May: He is typically referred to in the local press as 'managing director of Sukumwit Silver Star Co.' The foreign press has openly referred to him as the 'king of commercial sex.'
UPDATE: Chuwit was released on bail and is now 'missing.'
UPDATE: Chuwit is found, claiming to have been kidnapped.
Mr Chuwit said he was disappointed the premier and the police chief thought he invented the story. Before his disappearance, Mr Chuwit said the bribery claim had put his life in danger. One senior officer regularly pocketing tea money was an influential deputy commander of a city police precinct, he claimed. ``I never said police were sleazy. In our society, it's a norm to pay your way,'' said the owner of the Davis Group, one of Bangkok's biggest chains of upscale massage parlours. He was not prepared to be a sitting duck and had to dig up the dirt to defend himself. ``But when I finally came out with the truth, I was labelled a liar. How can you be so hypocritical,'' Mr Chuwit asked.
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