Chuwit memes – Congratulations to the new PM

Since the coup, political gadfly Chuwit Kamolvisit has been using Photoshop to create humorous graphics about the political situation. Many of these have become memes widely circulated in Thai-language social media.

August 29, 2014:
Congratulations to the new PM. In this period, no one is more suitable than you are. However, I’m curious that if people have some problems, who is the one that they should inform–either Gen. Prayuth the PM or Gen.Prayuth the NCPO [the junta] leader?
[Like many editorial cartoons and editorials, this mocks the overlapping roles of Gen. Prayuth who is holding two key roles in governing the country. One is the prime minister and another is the head of the junta. The implication is that this raises concerns on transparency and the powers of his government.]

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