Choices for Pressuring the Junta

From Naewna, February 19, 2018
Left: A bottle of oil for each. Million people, million bottles to pressure them. [referring to past Red Shirt threats to use Molotov cocktails in their protests]
On the smoke at left: Want to have an election
Right: Don’t over-react. If you dare… burn it. Then, you will have an election as you wish, kids. [this is sarcasm, telling the young protesters that they will be in trouble if they challenge the junta]
Close to the baby: Ja New’s mob
Caption: Want to have an election VS Want to stay longer

[Refers to a pro-election group led by Sirawich “Ja New” Serithiwat, a co-leader of the New Democracy Group which threatened to rally to pressure the junta to have elections this year as promised.
The cartoon claims that Ja New and his supporters are like babies–still innocent.]

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