Chlorpyrifos: Toxin ‘likely’ cause of Sarah Carter’s death

Toxin ‘likely’ cause of Sarah Carter’s death –, May 8, 2011
…The fact traces of chlorpyrifos were found three months after Carter’s death and after the room was cleaned suggested there was a high concentration when she was staying there.
“I think she has been killed by an overzealous sprayer who’s been acting on the instructions of the hotel owner to deal with bed bugs,” McDowall said.
Even a slight mistake in the dosage of chlorpyrifos, which has been banned for indoor use in many countries, could be lethal, he said…

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  1. ncr says:

    These findings were alsoreported today in the Thai TV morning news program (with Sorayut) – and interestingly they even mentioned the Thailand-critical website set up by Sarah Carter’s father (

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