Chinese domination


From Thairath, July 5, 2016
Title: Money for dominating the country
On the money bag: Consultant cost
On the block: Thai-Sino train 3.5 km
Phi Nooring: Are we a brotherhood?
Mouse: Don’t be a colony

[Refers to the Thai-Chinese high-speed train project. This cartoon expresses concern that this project, bankrolled by China, will allow foreign domination of the country.
Both governments agreed to start the construction of a short section of 3.5km even though they have not settled on the overall project yet.
China and Chinese immigrants have long been an issue in Thailand with viewpoints vacillating between viewing Chinese influence as an unSiamese scourge and wholeheartedly accepting the Chinese world as part of Thai history and culture.
The cartoon, coming from a pro-Thaksin cartoonist, probably just represents the anti-military opposition’s annoyance that the army is making (and thus benefiting from) big-money deals that have usually been the purview of politicians.]

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