Chinese Dam Buffet


From Arun, from March 23, 2016
Title: Shrimp buffet, Mekong’s water buffet
On a sign: [left] Mekong [yellow]: Mekong river buffet [right] China’s dams
In the yellow circles: [left] Mengsong dam, Ganlanba dam, Dachaoshan dam, Jinghong dam [right] Manwan dam, Gonguoqiao dam, Nuazhadu dam

[The cartoon compares the actions of Chinese tourists at a shrimp buffet with the construction of Chinese dams along the Mekong River. Chinese tourists recently have been criticized after a video surfaced showing tourists using plates as shovels to gather up shrimp at a hotel buffet in Thailand.
Some in the region criticized China from building dams on the Mekong River that impact downstream countries. Those countries have called on China to share the use of the river with others.]

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