The 2014 Coup – May 22-26

Reuters: Exclusive: Fugitive Thai minister says army led government into trap
Chiang Mai police boss removed by junta
Reuters: Thai Coup Leader Sets Out Economic Priorities: Rice and Budget
Is Bangkok wall-to-wall with menacing soldiers? This CNN photo spread really makes it look like it is

Above: May 25, 2014 – Daily Mail website blocked in Thailand.

NCPO to take legal action against Amsterdam for statements that govts are ready to host govt in exile
New statement from Red Shirt/Thaksin lawyer: UDD leadership to be reformed outside of Thailand; Thai army may undertake “terrorist actions” to increase tension
Economist: Military coup in Thailand – The darkened horizon

Above: May 25, 2014, 7:00 am – No mention of the Thai situation at all on BBC.

Thai coup sets precedent for Myanmar army to seize power citing spread of rallies demanding charter change
Red Shirt/Thaksin lawyer: Junta holding hostages, denies lawyers access, support rapidly eroding for coup
Scuffles, Road Blockade Greet Anti-Coup Protests
Army has “come to an understanding” with leaders of movements in the northeast with potential to incite unrest
Army arrests 23 red-shirt activists with arms and explosives at an apartment in Khon Kaen
Impact of Thai Coup on Cambodia Uncertain
Time: Thailand Is Doing a Great Job of Screwing Up Its Potential

Above: The much discussed photo of Metropolitan Police Commissioner Pol Lt General Kamronwit Thupkrajang who credited his promotion to Thaksin and had Thaksin pin on his new rank insignia. On May 24 Kamronwit was removed as Bangkok police chief in a purge of Thaksin influence. Here is an editorial cartoon that refers to him.
Update: Bangkok Police Chief and Thaksin loyalist Pol Lt-Gen Kamronwit vows to stay on until his retirement

Thailand’s Attention Shifts to Future of Red Shirts
Myths that have kept Thailand together now risk tearing it apart following military coup
Fears thousands of Australians could be stranded in Thailand or not covered by travel insurance
Techdirt: Thailand Coup Leaders Insist Their Orders To Censor The Internet Are Not Actually Censorship
AHRC condemns arrests of protesters
Ousted interior minister says he will not report to junta
Thaksin and Red Shirts considering government in exile following coup

Above: The Facebook page of the cartoonist Arun is gone

Protesters ‘paid’ to quit rallies, Thousands given B250 to go home
Reuters: Thaksin Shinawatra remains at centre of divisions
NPOMC introduces new national administrative structure answerable to the military
“Now who’s backwards? Thailand or Myanmar?” asked one local print reporter

Above: Another media classic: “Government Overthrown in Taiwan”

Junta tracking politicians’ money
Account of the failed negotiations that led to the coup
Pheu Thai Party opted for quiet mode on Friday, waiting for directions from former prime minister Thaksin
All free TV stations, except TPBS, to resume normal broadcast this evening
Coup crisis could cost Thailand its medical tourism crown
Yingluck reports to the generals
Life as usual in Thailand as nationalistic & patriotic songs still play on television & radio

Above: On Thai TV now: Back to normal television programs

Military seizes radio broadcasting equipment from a red shirt a radio station in Udon Thani
Abhisit, Democrat representatives released
Army Occupies Thai-Lao Border To Cut Off Red Escapes
Bloomberg: Thailand’s Coup Builds Case for Emergency Rate Cut: Asean Credit
Thailand Economy May Not Survive Current Coup, Despite Good Record In Past Years: Report

Above: LA Times uses Terminal 21 Shopping Mall photo for Suvamabhumi Airport

Red Shirt lawyer demands army “show proof of safety of detained Red Shirts”
PropertyGuru: Thai coup – Property price drops unlikely
New York Times from 2013: How the US avoided the calling Egypt coup a coup
Templeton: We view current military coup as likely overall positive as it creates a more stable environment
New York Times: A Reckless Coup in Thailand
Bloomberg: Thai Baht Plunge Is No Bear Market Sign to Coup-Savvy Investors
Wall Street Journal: Thai Coup Has Foreign Investors on High Alert, But Sitting Tight
Royal Thai Navy seize control of Pattaya Police Station
10pm curfew sent protesters, workers & shoppers home in what may be the worst traffic jams in BKK history
Thai Junta on Facebook – already 94,000 likes
Coup leader to act as PM pending new premier appointment
All protesters dispersed by soldiers; PDRC jubilant
Army seized power after govt insisted it would stay in power and would not resign
Army details curfew exemptions
Former head of the CAPO Chalerm Yoobamrung and his sons were arrested by soldiers
All Thai airports operating as usual despite coup
Before coup announcement: Representatives to meeting ‘taken away’ by troops
Thaksin duly informed of army proposals but rejected them & told party to fight to the full extent within the law
Acting Thai prime minister boycotts army-led reconciliation talks
Shinawatra family members insist they have not fled to Cambodia
Time: Thailand: If It Looks Like a Coup, and Smells Like a Coup, It Is a Coup
Thai police chief: Martial law should ease situation
Thailand’s martial law gives rise to selfies
Martial law: many in the property and real estate sector are welcoming the move towards greater stability
Aide to Thai PM: The military is negotiating with the Red Shirts to disperse
Thai military knocks 10 satellite TV stations off air (these are stations used for political propaganda)

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