Chawalit Yongjaiyuth and the royal cousin

From Komchadluek, November 18, 2010
Left: The big father [Chawalit Yongjaiyuth] talks about the royal cousin to distract social criticism that the [Pheu Thai] party does not respect royalty, is that right?
Middle: Oh! It's not true, we always respect royalty...
Right: Chao Moon Muang Maew!!

[The cartoon refers to a recent event involving Pheu Thai chief adviser Gen. Chawalit. A series of reports was circulated that a member of royalty would be joining the party. This would be significant since the Pheu Thai (and the Red Shirts) often appear to obliquely criticize royalty with the threat of creating dissatisfaction with the current system.
This tactic of gradually using more open criticism is meant to force the establishment into lifting the roadblocks that prevent Thaksin from receiving a pardon and returning to power.
"Chao Moon Muang" is the name of a royal personage of the past from the North. Thaksin followers have repeatedly spread the belief that in a past life Thaksin was royalty and thus his mission is to be restored to power and gain revenge on those who kept him from ruling in a past life.]

From Manager, November 15, 2010
Chawalit is saying: This is the new liquid chemical, brand name of MOM CHAO [her highness the Prince or Princess]. Try it first and it will help the disease of ringworm on my head.
The words around the men's heads: Krang krang [the sound of scratching]
The caption reads: After the liquid chemical brand named HUNDRED GENERALS does not work.

[This again refers to the belief that the Pheu Thai Party is hostile to the monarchy. The scratching is related to a belief that those who do not have respect for royalty will suffer from ringworm on the head as royalty should be respected "above one's head."
So, after first spreading the rumor that many military generals are joining the party (to indicate that Thailand's military actually supports the return of Thaksin to power), the Pheu Thai then spread the idea that Thai royalty would join the party (in an attempt to dispel the idea that they are hostile to the monarchy).]
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