Chavalit and Suthep

From ThaiRath, April 8, 2011
The cartoon headline reads: The medicine suggested by Jew is certainly good [“Jew” is the nickname of Chavalit]
The word on the pot Chavalit is holding reads: PT [abbreviation of Pheu Thai Party]
Chavalit dabs power on Suthep and says: Helping the symptom of grey hair, facial wrinkles, tanned face, brazen face, unshamed face
The word on the sign in the background reads: Molding the PM
The words on the hooded figures robe says: Order crackdown to the people
[This refers to Pheu Thai hopes that Chavalit, as a former PM, former C-in-C, and rural kingpin, would be able to face down prominent officials in the Democrat-led government.]

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