Chavalit is very fit

From Daily News, July 13, 2018
Title: Very fit…!!!
Chavalit: Don’t stop at this stage…!!
On Chavalit’s chest: Big Jew
On the stage: 4th marriage
PM Prayuth: Awful… Wish you luck…!!

[Refers to former PM Chavalit Yongchaiyudh who has recently married for the fourth time at his age of 86 to a 53-year-old woman after divorcing his previous wife about 10 years ago.
This cartoon is sarcastic by saying that a very fit (or very healthy) man at the age of 86 years old has gotten married for the fourth time.
Chavalit has long been a major military and political figure who has sided with Thaksin at key times, trying to give the impression that the military is divided and that some support Thaksin.
He has also recently been floated as a compromise PM candidate after the next elections.]

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