Chavalit coughs up bombs (again)

From Daily News, October 4, 2018
Former PM Chavalit: Cack cack cack… [sound of a cough]
On his suite: Big Jiew [the nickname of Chavalit Yongchaiyudh]

[Refers to 86-year old-former PM Chavalit Yongchaiyudh who recently held a press conference calling for His Majesty the King to remove the National Council for Peace and Order (the junta) and replace them with a royally appointed interim government to organize the general election.

The reason given for this, predictably, was to prevent the country from being in chaos.

During the media briefing, Chavalit said that only the King has the power to remove the NCPO. Chavalit said he himself could order 20 people to bomb many places to cause chaos in the country to remove the NCPO, but this option was impossible to do. That is why he called on the King to help.

Such allusions to his ability to create violence is nothing new for Chavalit. He has long spoken on behalf of Thaksin at certain key times, often alluding to violence or chaos in an attempt to pressure the government.

As a former army chief, his pronouncements are also meant to indicate that the military is not united and that some military men do not like military rule and support a return of Thaksin to power.

Even before he became an apparent Thaksin shill, Chavalit was known, like several other rural political kingpins, for boasting about his power and ability to cause chaos in the country if he wanted to.

As Thailand’s prime minister, Chavalit led first Thailand and then the world into the 1997 currency crisis. Now as Thailand’s elder statesman, he continues to embody the ego of the “big man” who might be forced to unleash chaos if certain demands are not met (for more on this concept overall, a free chapter is available for download from my book, The Thai Book, A Field Guide to Thai Political Motivations, “Big Men Always Go Too Far”).

Here are just a few of his past pronouncements, allusions and threats:
2010: Gen. Chavalit to lead Red Shirt “People’s Army”
2014: Gen. Chavalit warns: Junta constitutional reforms could trigger counter coup
2105: Dead Dog Chavalit
2016: Again, Chavalit]

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