Chavalit awakens form the grave

From Manager, September 30, 2018
On sign: Political graveyard.
Left grave: Big Jiew [nickname of Chavalit Yongjiyut]
Right grave: Big noh [nickname of Sanoh Thienthong]
The right zombie says: Pee Jiew, wait for Noh please.
The words in the background is the sound of flute and drum: Tum tum tum, tang tang tang.
Caption: When flute and drum of politics goes loud… the ghost awakens from the grave.

[Refers to former army chief and prime minister Thaksin Chavalit Yongjiyut who appeared out of apparent political retirement to once more allude to violence he could unleash–this time if the junta did not immediately step down from power.
As a frequent mouthpiece of Thaksin, Chavalit has often spoken up to suggest chaos and violence could begun. This is invariably in support of the pro-Thaksin opposition.
Coming from the former head of the military, Chavolit’s statements are also meant to show that not all of the military is united in opposing Thaksin’s return.]

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