Chasing Away

From Thai Rath, January 16, 2011
The cartoon headline: Chasing Away

Top left: Chasing away the abbot of Anongkaram Temple! [Refers to the scandal involving the abbot of Anongkaram Temple who was dismissed due to alleged financial mismanagement of the temple.]

Top middle: Chasing away the children to return home at 10pm! [Refers to the proposed curfew for those under 18.]

Top right: Chasing the vocational students from different institutes to be out of sight! [Refers to the frequent fights between groups of vocational school students.]

Bottom left: Chasing all!
The words on the picket signs read: Pravit get out!, Kasit get out!, Suthep get out! and Abhisit get out!

Bottom middle: Chasing away protestors from the business area!
The words on the picket sign reads: Do not claim the right, To infringe the right, The rights of business operation, of others
The word on the sign reads: Rajaprasong
[This refers to complaints by Rajaprasong business owners about Red Shirt rallies in the area.]

Bottom right: Expelling each other! [Refers to the conflict between Thailand and Cambodia.]

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