Chase the government!

From Manager, January 8, 2020
Foreigners: See!… The whole world is worrying about the World War… Thais are running to chase him. [in the Thai “running” is literally something like “playing running” which adds to the feeling that the run is a frivolous event in light of all the problems of the world]
On the sign: Border THAILAND

[Refers to a running event “Wing Lai Lung (Run to oust the uncle)” organized by the anti-military government opposition. The cartoonist ridicules the opposition, contending that instead of focusing on the nation’s issues or the current world situation, such as bush fires in Australia or the US-Iran conflict, the group is only focusing on ousting PM Prayuth’s government.
The underlying meaning to this pro-government cartoon that the opposition’s big, planned protests to oust the government are only to benefit certain politicians (like Thaksin) who seek a return to power by any means necessary.]

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