Charter drafters firm on preventing ‘one-man rule’

Charter drafters firm on preventing ‘one-man rule’ – The Nation, April 10, 2015
…”It’s a fair system. It will pave the way for a coalition government to prevent ‘one-man rule’ in the country and ensure no ‘winner takes all’,” he said.
“We need reconciliation now, don’t we? Otherwise the same political disputes will repeat themselves again when the election winner forms the government and the runner-up stages protests,” he said…

[This is another indication about what the coup is about–stopping Thaksin’s attempt to return. This necessitates hobbling any party he might lead from afar as these parties inevitably turn to amnesty attempts.
Interestingly, it was not absolute or one-party rule that led to the coup. The Pheu Thai Party was able to legislate with impunity, pass huge spending bills and even institute constitutional rewrites. The Democrat Party’s combative antics in parliament to stall these votes were met by the public with indifference.
It was only the specter of amnesty and a return of Thaksin to power that triggered a series of destabilizing events and the coup.
And ironically, this constitution to prevent absolute power is being drafted by a government and military that openly wields absolute power…

While articles on the junta’s use of absolute power are everywhere, below are some mentions of the absolute power struggle since Thaksin’s rise to power in 2001.]

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