Amazing Things in Thailand

From Thairath, December 2, 2012
Cartoon title: Amazing Thailand
Top left: [The country] Has the biggest number of color-blinded people
To cars from left: This car is yellow; This car is red.
[Many Thai car owners put stickers on their cars indicating the car is a different color than it actually is. Does anyone know what the meaning of this is?]
Top middle: There are always people who get down from the tollways vertically. [Reference is to accidents where cars fell off of elevated roads.]
Top right: There was a mob to freeze Thailand and a mob that set Thailand on fire by burning tires. [‘Mob to freeze Thailand’ is the protest against the government on November 24, 2012. The ‘mob that set Thailand on fire’ was the Red Shirt protest during April and May 2012.]
Bottom left: There is an MP who always dreams that he sleeps with a female MP.
[Reference is to a Pheu Thai Member of Parliament from Surin province, Sert. Prasit Chaisisa who asked Rangsima Rodrassami, a Democrat MP from Samut Songkram province, what she would say if he said he dreamed that he slept with her.]
Bottom middle: There are police officers with kind hearts. [Reference is to the Pitak Siam organization’s protest on November 24. Before, during and after the protest, the government insisted that these officers were mobilized to take care of protesters’ safety and would not use force to disperse the protesters. However, the officers used nearly 20 cans of teargas against the protesters. There are also reports of physical abuses against protesters and some reporters.]
Bottom right: There is an opposition party that likes to ask questions that are not matched with the prepared answers. [Reference is to the joke derived from the last censure debate when Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra failed to answer to any of the questions asked by the opposition party. In replying, Yingluck just read from the notes prepared for her before the debate even though the contents were not related to the opposition’s questions.]

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