Chao Phraya River promenade project


Mixed response to river promenade plan – The Nation, December 3, 2015
…Prakongsri Rumanakat, a representative of the Phibun Songkham Bridge Community in Bangkok’s Bang Sue District, said she supported the project because the riverside promenade would open access to the river for her community and be a recreation space for both locals and others.
“Currently, the community is cut off from the river by a high flood-prevention dike,” she said. “I see the promenade will extend beyond the dike and provide public space for the people and an alternative pedestrian route for the community,” Prakongsri said…

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  1. Wiz says:

    prachachat Thurakij said Nonthaburi people giving much more positive on the Nonthaburi section of Chao Phraya River promenade project with 11.4 km distance (5.7 km for each bank) and 2500 Million Baht budget from Maha Jessadabodin Bridge to Rama 5 Bridge – better setting up in Nonthaburi area first to set the example for bangkok section to follow as there is much less problem than the section with those who live along the river in BKK and to make those who live and work along Chao Phraya river to accept this new Chao Phraya River promenade.

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