Changing the cabinet… observe the shoes


From Thairath, by Sia, July 29, 2015
At PM Prayuth’s hand: “In” and “Out”
[“In” supposed to be his acquaintance (soldiers) and “Out” supposed to be politicians, this indicate how PM chooses his cabinet.]
Book held by PM Prayuth: The roadmap of cabinet changes to prolong government.
Caption: Changing the cabinet… look at the smartness.
Mouse man: Measure the smartness, observe the shoes [meaning many cabinet members are army cronies and not regular civilians]
Mouse: Colleagues always come first.
[This means that better-qualified cabinet members are being pushed aside to allow army cronies to hold cabinet posts.
This is an ironic viewpoint as Thaksin-directed parties were renowned for packing cabinets with purely political choices that had little experience (or desire) for their cabinet role.]

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