Changed fathers

From Manager, August 18, 2020
Left, typical Thai father: I took care of this kid… but when he grows up, he calls another father. [meaning that Thai youth are following figures like Thanathorn with more radical ideas about political reform rather than their own parents]
Right, Thanathorn: I taught this kid… but when he grows up, he calls another father.
On the boy’s shirt: Free youth [name of the student protest group]
Caption: Loss of fatherhood

[Refers to the supposed declining popularity of Thanathorn as an iconic figure of defiance. It is thought at one time he was the person the more reform-minded young people would vote for. He was bold and pugnacious, a young person who glared directly out from his campaign posters with a sour look on his face, insisting there would be change and he could confront the powers of the land.
However, with the sudden shift of the student protests away from the more prosaic (“rewrite the constitution”) to the more controversial (“reform the monarchy”), students no longer needed a proxy figure like Thanathorn to follow, but began to follow and reference directly exiled lecturer Somsak Jeamteerasakul who speaks on issues of the monarchy.
The concept of Thanathorn as a father comes from a campaign slogan young people used based on a soap opera: Fah loves…]

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