petition to relocate Human Rights Watch to the Thai deep south

OTFhMJyzObhfpnV-580x326-noPad petition to relocate NGO protesting death sentence for gunmen to the Thai deep south

[The petition refers to the Human Rights Watch’s reaction to the death sentences for gunman caught on video attacking the Thai military in the deep south. The attack left four soldiers dead and two wounded.

In the Thai world the death sentences are seen as a common-sense move that is wholly appropriate for the crimes committed. Besides the brazenness of the attacks, which nearly everyone has seen on video, the crimes touch on a nationalistic nerve because of the continuing problem of southern separatism.

Foreign NGOs like Human Rights Watch predictably condemned, not the attackers themselves, but the death sentence that was imposed as well as the Thai authorities.

While Westerners do have an understanding of how one could oppose the death sentence on principle, regardless of the crimes the accused committed, there is very little awareness of this sort of thinking in the Thai world.

Thus, the condemnation of the death sentences is not seen as a call for progressive and humane conduct by the state.

Instead, Thai social media is buzzing with the Thai perception–that the NGOs are obviously part of a conspiracy to weaken Thai control in the south for a variety of conspiratorial reasons. The thinking being, why else would anyone oppose the death penalty in such a case when it is so obviously the just thing to do?]

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