Chalerm denies warning about bomb attacks

Chalerm now denies that there was a warning about ten likely locations for bomb attacks in the city on new year’s. There’s no question that the “warning” was made, but the problem is that it was part of a political attack that was misreported in English and led to non-Thai confusion about what the warning really meant.

First, this story was not “reported” by the Nation or Bangkok Post directly.

It was originally reported in the Thai-language dailies in great detail. Then those articles were dumbed-down for English-language audiences. The political game Chalerm was playing by saying it–related to implicating Prasong and the PAD for any upcoming terrorism in the city–became a “police warning” about attacks.

This is precisely why we provided content for his statements: More on Chalerm and Prasong – December 14, 2011 and Chalerm and Prasong Soonsiri – December 13, 2011

So a political pronouncement–part of Chalerm (and others) conducting an “initial accusation” by blaming a well-known person by only using their initials–was perceived in English as a sober warning originating with the police for the protection of citizens.

This is both a cautionary tale about relying on English-language sources of news and another sign that what is going on now–including any violent incidents–is the result of games big men are playing for Thailand’s political spoils.

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