Cartoons about the anti-coup salute

From Thairath, June 5, 2014
Cartoon title: Heroic act of heroes
Left: Yesterday [showing the police dealing with disarming bombs]
Right: Today [showing plainclothes police doing the bidding of the military and trying to covertly arrest a woman giving the anti-coup salute]
Police at top right: Maybe it’s just a husband and wife matter.
Phi Nooring: Police must serve people.
Mouse: Protect people’s peace
[Reference is to an anti-coup protester arrested by two plainclothes officers on June 1. She was forced into a taxi, which drove off to a police station.]

From Naewna, June 5, 2014
Caption: Rubbish principle
On the index finger: Liberty
Thaksin Shinawatra says: My LIBERTY means I can corrupt freely…
On the middle finger: Equality
Yingluck Shinawatra says: Equality means equally expensive across the country. Do you like it?
On the ring finger: Fraternity
Yaowapha Wongsawat says: Fraternity among siblings only. Having been so corrupt that it becomes a habit. [Yaowapha is sister of Thaksin and former Pheu Thai Party MP.]

From Komchadluek, June 6, 2014
Left, voice: Raising three fingers mean you don’t agree with the coup?
Right, man: No!! I want to know where all the three million tons of rice that went missing has gone. [Referring to graft and irregularities in the previous government’s rice pledging scheme. We are not sure who the man is, but in the Thai, pronoun used for “I” in the cartoon is a Chinese spoken word used mostly by Chinese businessmen]

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