Can they dissolve the party?

From Naewna, October 26, 2018
Lion: Don’t worry that the EC [Election Commission] will indict on your dominance of the party, boss.
Tiger: Yes, sir… We don’t see how the EC will find the evidence to dissolve our party.
Caption: The party turns a blind eye to it. The evidence is clearly seen, but they pretend like it is a hair too small too see.
Thaksin is on the screen. This refers to the open secret that Thaksin addressed various governments via SKype of video conferencing after he fled into exile.

[This refers to the Election Commission’s recent warning that Pheu Thai Party could be dissolved if it were found to have let Thaksin interfere or control its internal affairs.
Thaksin clearly controls the party and thus new laws enacted after the coup have been specifically set up to allow a party to be dissolved if such an overseas figure interferes in its operation.
This cartoon shows the “dangerous animals” flattering Thaksin and turning a blind eye to the EC’s warning and the new rules than could cause the party to be disbanded.]

More about the attempt to “Target Thaksin”
More on the “Dangerous Animals”

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