Can Prayuth really not do it?


From Manager, August 9, 2015
On a hand: “This issue is questioned about by the public. So, can or can’t, it needs to have an answer in response to the public. There are two answers: to strip or not strip. There is no other solution and no need to be silent about this issue. Big Tok” [nickname of Gen. Paibul Khumchaya, Justice Minister]
The man in the cartoon is PM Prayuth
Caption: This quote slaps someone’s face.

[Refers to the apparent inability of PM Prayuth to strip Thaksin of his police rank. The junta openly called for Thaksin to be stripped of his rank after Thaksin blamed the Privy Council for ordering the military to stage the two recent coups.
Despite the junta supposed absolute power, the police have refused to expedite the stripping of Thaksin’s rank, throwing up roadblock after roadblock.
Recently, PM Prayuth tasked Gen. Paibul Khumchaya, Justice Minister, to carry out the stripping of Thaksin’s rank.
Gen. Paibul’s public order (quoted above), challenging the police to strip Thaksin of his rank, smacks of desperation and the limits of the junta’s power to move Thailand’s entrenchment and politicized bureaucracy. The cartoonist shows the symbol of anti-Thaksin opposition (the hand clapper) smacking Prayuth’s face. His failure to follow through on this public pronouncements to strip Thaksin of his rank is an indictment of the coup plotters and their failure to be able to follow through on their stated actions.]

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