Can Mrs. D. help?

From Manager, June 6, 2013
Left: Khun Chai, please tell Mrs. D to transfer me from the governor’s post to be the director general of the Public Relations Department.
Left caption: For this request, Mrs. D. can help…
Right: Khun Chai, please tell Mrs. D to transfer me from being your mistress to being your wife.
Caption: For this request, Mrs. D can’t help.

[“Chai” is the nickname of former Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat who is the husband of Thaksin’s sister and Pheu Thai power broker, Yaowapa Wongsawat.
“D” refers to “Dang” which is Yaowpa’s nickname. Yaowapa’s influence is such that she was thought to control the appointments in several government ministries even before she recently became an MP.
In the first panel the man making the request is former Buri Ram governor Apinan Chantharangsi who was appointed to be the new director general of the Public Relations Department. This is a sought after posting as its large contracts with both foreign and local firms is thought to provide opportunities for graft and personal enrichment. Apinan has a close relationship with Somchai and this close association would have been key to secure him such a plum post.
The right panel refers to the commonly accepted practice of Thai men having a mistress or “second wife.” Somchai has often been ridiculed for this, perhaps because of his meek demeanor and that his wife, Yaowapa, dwarfs him in size, force of personality and influence.]

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