Can do anything, but do nothing wrong

From Thairath, May 3, 2018
Title: Special type of man.
On chair: The prime minister from a coup
On Prayuth’s paper: Taking in politicians [vacuuming politicians], stay on in power
Sign at middle bottom: Illegal, but gave amnesty to themselves already.
Above right: Official residence for justice.
Man in front of the residence with sign: Legal, but… wrong in Good Governance.
Mouse man: Thinking that you are a god.
mouse: Can do anything, but do nothing wrong.

[The cartoonist shows that the ruling junta makes sure every rule and law supports the legality of their actions–even though they wrote the rules and can give themselves amnesty.
It also shows the controversial judges residences being built in Chiang Mai. These were widely opposed by the public, but the junta initially seemed to be dragging their feet in stopping the construction.]

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