Can Chavalit be PM again?

From Manager, May 16, 2018
Ex-PM Chavalit: Why can Mahathir become PM at the age of 92? I’m only 86.
Headline on the newspaper: Mahathir wins the election and becomes PM at the age of 92.
Caption: This news inspires a lot of elders…

[Ex-PM Chavalit is an elderly man, but also a major political power broker. Until recently he was probably considered too old to be a real contender for any political post and was relegated to sending political messages for Thaksin.
However, when Mahathir Mohamad become Malaysia PM again at 92, it probably inspired a lot of the old-school Thai political kingpins to hope that they might become the next PM, particularly as a compromise candidate considering the churn that is going in within MP groupings.
Aging Democrat Party ex-PM Chuan Leekpai has also been brought up as a potential PM choice.]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Aging Democrat Party ex-PM Chuan Leekpai declines to be a contender for PM since he knows he has already suffered from heart disease and becoming PM is a stressful job to the point that it would better to let Khun Mark handles the job. If Khun Mark thought that he should retire, Khun Korn (kinsmen of Dr. K) would be the real contender.

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