Can Chavalit be PM again?

From Manager, May 16, 2018
Ex-PM Chavalit: Why can Mahathir become PM at the age of 92? I’m only 86.
Headline on the newspaper: Mahathir wins the election and becomes PM at the age of 92.
Caption: This news inspires a lot of elders…

[Ex-PM Chavalit is an elderly man, but also a major political power broker. Until recently he was probably considered too old to be a real contender for any political post and was relegated to sending political messages for Thaksin.
However, when Mahathir Mohamad become Malaysia PM again at 92, it probably inspired a lot of the old-school Thai political kingpins to hope that they might become the next PM, particularly as a compromise candidate considering the churn that is going in within MP groupings.
Aging Democrat Party ex-PM Chuan Leekpai has also been brought up as a potential PM choice.]

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