Cambodian PM Hun Sen calls for law prohibiting the “denial” of crimes of the Khmer Rouge era

Khmer Rouge crimes denial law could negatively impact on free expression in Cambodia – CCHR, June 6, 2013
…CCHR in no way supports the denial of crimes committed under the Khmer Rouge, but believes that the Denial Law is unnecessary and would be contrary to provisions protecting freedom of expression both under the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia and international human rights treaties to which Cambodia is a party. Education, debate, discussion and research into the Khmer Rouge era are essential in helping the country to move on and to prevent similar events from reoccurring. A law aiming to restrict opinions and debate about the crimes perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge could potentially stifle such invaluable discussion. Furthermore, the Denial Law could be used as a political tool to stifle dissent and to control dialogue regarding the Khmer Rouge…

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