Cambodian News Roundup

The Cambodian Wild West – Good economics can only do so much without good politics – WSJ
…Indeed, Prime Minister Hun Sen is worsening the state of affairs. Cambodians may credit him on the economic front, because he formalized the flexible regulations history informally bequeathed to him. But politically, he has been in some form of power since 1979, consolidated it in a 1997 coup, and has kept concentrating it in the executive thereafter. Three opposition legislators resigned last year in frustration at the way the government intimidates them, calling the National Assembly a “rubber-stamp parliament…”

Cambodian Land Deals Raise Human Rights Concerns – VOA

NGOs Contribute to Cycle of Corruption: Filmmaker – VOA

UN envoy rebukes Cambodia over shooting of protesters – BBC

Remote Cambodian burial sites reveal lost past –

Cambodia LGBT Pride celebration kicks off Saturday –

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