Cambodia Leader Hun Sen Extends Rule Amid Strong Opposition Gains

Cambodia Leader Hun Sen Extends Rule Amid Strong Opposition Gains – WSJ, July 28, 2013
…Mr. Hun Sen’s party secured a fresh five-year term by winning 68 seats in Cambodia’s 123-member legislature, compared to 55 seats for the main opposition party, according to preliminary results, Cambodia Information Minister Khieu Kanharith said. The result means the ruling Cambodian People’s Party would lose its two-third parliamentary majority, a setback that gives opposition forces greater sway in the law-making process…

Cambodia’s elections are rigged. So why is the country’s opposition still taking part? – The Star, July 27, 2013
…In this year’s election campaign, the CPP has trumpeted the stability, economic growth, and infrastructure development it has brought to Cambodia — powerful rhetoric in a country with recent memories of civil war and genocide.
“War will take place if [the opposition] are elected,” Hun Sen recently told a crowd, according to the Cambodia Daily. “There will be both an internal war and external war, especially a war with Vietnam…”

Cambodia’s Rainsy: aristocrat or man of the people? – AFP, July 28, 2013
… His education and “aristocratic background” mean he is not well versed in the language of the masses, unlike Hun Sen, said independent analyst Lao Mong Hay, a former researcher for the Asian Human Rights Commission.
“He is a man of the people up to a point,” Hay said, adding that Rainsy was the first Cambodian politician to lead workers’ demonstrations for their rights in the mid-1990s…

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