Cambodia cracks down on residents for displaying eviction protest messages for Obama

Cambodia arrests 8 over ‘SOS’ messages for Obama – AP, November 15, 2012
…”We are being forcibly evicted from our land without proper compensation,” said 23-year-old villager Sim Sokunthea. “We didn’t mean any harm. We just wanted Obama to help us.”
Dozens of police arrived at the village early Thursday morning. They ordered villagers to remove the rooftop artwork, which was deemed illegal, and they arrested those responsible, said Long Kimheang, spokesman for Housing Rights Task Force, an advocacy group that works with villagers facing eviction…

Cambodians held over eviction protest before Obama visit – Reuters, November 15, 2012
Police in Cambodia arrested at least eight people on Thursday for painting messages on their homes near the capital’s airport asking for help from U.S. President Barack Obama because they face eviction before he visits the country next week…
“I put up the picture of Obama because I want him to help us get fair compensation from the government,” said resident Chuong Socheata, 33. “And that’s because the government has no plans to solve this peacefully…”

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