Cambodia: A rising star with a falling reputation?

Cambodia: A rising star with a falling reputation? –, May 24, 2013
…Reports of illegal strikes and mass faintings of exhausted girls abound – more than 2,100 faintings in 29 factories in 2012, and over 500 in five factories in the first quarter of 2013. And in the last week alone there have been two partial collapses at factories that have resulted in at least two deaths.
Company turnover is high, with 62.5% of the 273 firms operating in 2009 having entered the industry after 2003, as is labour turnover (on average 20-25% per year).
The public infrastructure is deficient and the cost of electricity very high. Unofficial expenses to corrupt officials can cost large garment factories up to $20 dollars per month per worker…

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