Chalerm and Prasong Soonsiri
เฉลิมและประสงค์ สุ่นศิริ

(Photo: Daily News, April 15, 2010)

Above: The Red Shirts fielded their own armed men in black in 2010. During the protests, the Red Shirt narrative was that the army was in revolt and joining the Thaksin cause.

‘Men in black’ are policemen, Chalerm claims – The Nation, December 13, 2011
…”Please stop,” he warned. “I am trying to catch you because you are trying to do a bad thing.” He added that the mastermind behind these groups was now suffering from Parkinson’s disease…
[The mastermind with Parkinson’s disease Chalerm keeps mentioning is Squadron Leader Prasong Soonsiri–PAD supporter and political nemesis of Chalerm. Earlier he was referred to as the “demon with the pipe.”]
…Democrat Party spokesman Chavanond Intarakomalyasut urged Chalerm to stop influencing police investigations by giving public comments on cases.
“I also wonder if he has personally hired detectives, because he seems to know everything,” he said.

[Chalerm is the J. Edgar Hoover of Thailand. His outspoken comments on the identity of the “men in black” (which conflict with Red Shirt belief that they were army men) coupled with an upcoming cabinet reshuffle and the inevitable next moves towards a Thaksin pardon must have the opposition on edge. More on Chalerm.]

Also: More on Chalerm and Prasong

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เฉลิมและประสงค์ สุ่นศิริ

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