From Thairath, July 10, 2011
The headline reads: But…

Top left: They burned poor people’s houses to chase them from the land they encroached upon, but they didn’t burn the homes of the Cambodians who invaded Thai territory.

Top middle: Thailand will be promoted as the “Kitchen of the World,” but some cakes will be brought from Dubai. [referring to Thaksin’s control over the government from Dubai]

Top right: Words that just won’t go away — Thaksin didn’t break any law; he just did what the law prohibited. [The man is Chalerm Yoobamrung.]

Bottom left: I hate people who don’t keep their word to their friends, but then I’ve never considered anyone my friend. [This is a quote from “slippery eel” Banharn, known for vows of allegiance to one political group before quickly switching his allegiance to another.]

Bottom middle: This is the parliament of honorable persons, but it’s also the refuge of terrorists. [referring to the Red Shirt leaders who have won seats in parliament]

Bottom right: They say she’s a miss [single], but Chuwit [Komolvisit] wants her to declare her husband’s assets. [this refers to the requirement for a politician’s spouse to declare their assets – Yingluck has a common-law husband, but is not legally married. Chuwit has insisted that Yingluck’s husband be treated as such and declare his assets.]

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