Burning Down Your Own House

From Thairath, July 2, 2012
Left: Minister Suchart! Why do you torch your own house?
Middle: The aristocrat ordered me to.
Who is the aristocrat?
Right: The aristocrat, named Nutthawut, ordered me to burn and he will be responsible.

[This refers to Education Minister Suchart Thadathamrongvej who gave an interview to the press stating his belief that the Pheu Thai government will step down within one year. This negative sentiment is unusual for a government minister. Suchart’s speech was criticized as generating trouble for himself and this is expressed as an idiom “torching one own house.”
After Suchart’s interview, some Pheu Thai members criticized him by saying he might have changed to become an “ammart” or “aristocrat” and that is why he made the statement.
“Nutthawut” is Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister and Red Shirt leader Nutthawut Saikua famous for calling on his supporters to burn down Bangkok and not worry about the consequences as he would take responsibility.
Nutthawut and other Red Shirt leaders have been derided for abandoning their moment to lobby for posts in the cabinet thus becoming the aristocrats they rail against in the speeches in the past.]

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