Burning Bangkok vs Burning the Red Shirt Village

From Manager, May 18, 2012
Left: They [Red Shirts] committed a huge sin like that [burning Bangkok]
Right: But received such small retribution like this? [referring to the burning of a Red Shirt pavilion in the Chana district of Songkhla in the Thai south].

From Thairath, May 19, 2012
The cartoon title: Looking back at the past from Chana [the site of the burning of a Red Shirt pavilion in the south] to Ratchaprasong. Who liked burning down buildings? 
Sign at left: Democratic red-shirt village fights against drugs
On the man’s back: Fighting against red-shirt supporters
Sign over skulls: Ratchaprasong
Sign held by the mouse: Return honor to the dead and freedom to the political prisoners
Left mouse: They like violence.
[This insinuates that Red Shirt enemies like the Democrat Party or the army actually burned down Bangkok to frame the Red Shirts. If this really happened, it shows that the Red Shirts are actually the victims of arson in 2010 and now when their pavilion was torched in the south.]

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