Burmese ‘Rampage’ In Thailand Chicken Factory

Burmese ‘Rampage’ In Thailand Chicken Factory – www.eurasiareview.com, April 30, 2011
…“We asked the [factory management] how they would solve the case and they couldn’t give an answer so the Burmese went on a rampage,” said one of the nearly 5,000 Burmese migrants working in the factory. “They destroyed about four cars and four motorbikes and dumped them into a fish pond…”

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2 Responses to Burmese ‘Rampage’ In Thailand Chicken Factory

  1. Bob says:

    Great! They tell us that this happened in Phetchabun and even provide a map that doesn’t include Phetchabun on it. Oh well.

    Maybe this case can be a wake up for those that exploit migrant labor, that there is a point in which they don’t take it any more and get angry.

  2. ncr says:

    Yeah, I also found that map slightly stupid.

    To be exact, it is here:
    ….in Bueng Samphan district, a vast compound immediately north of highway no. 225 (Nakhon Sawan-Chaiyaphum).
    The reason I know that is because I passed there about a year ago on an alternative route to Isaan.

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