Bullying, Provocations, and the Common Touch

Stop bullying, Pheu Thai told – The Nation, June 19, 2011
…”Tomorrow, I will go to Samut Prakan and Nonthaburi, and I expect to see bullying again. It’s fine if they bully me and the Democrat Party. But on election day, people will tell them they have no time left to bully Thailand,” he said…

UDD attacks Abhisit over ‘provocations’ – Bangkok Post, June 19, 2011
…”Mr Abhisit can’t blame the UDD for the mischief because it is he who keeps provoking the red shirts,” Mrs Tida said, adding that the UDD had repeatedly asked its supporters not to disrupt the Democrats’ election campaigning…

Something from Thaksin’s lobbyist claiming the Democrats seem to prefer being aloof from the people: Yingluck, Abhisit, and the Common Touch (of course this situation is because of the ongoing physical attacks on the Prime Minister that began in 2009)

Building by persuasion – The Nation, June 19, 2011
[Interesting observations that touch on the key aspect of the Thai definition of democracy and good government–the ability to make a good living.]
…The cab driver told of how life is just easier with Pheu Thai in control. Making a living is easier. Everything just seemed easier. There’s a trust. There’s a relationship. When a Pheu Thai MP talks to you, you understand what he or she is saying. He or she speaks the language of the people.
You can always pick up the phone or knock on the door. Pheu Thai MPs are always around, always accessible. If you need a string pulled, a connection made or some cash, Pheu Thai MPs provide. Pheu Thai takes care of the people…

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