Buffet government again

From Naewna, June 4, 2020
Caption: The war of four legs in PALANGPRACHARATH PARTY.
On the dog: PPRP [abbreviation of Palangpracharath party.)

From Thairath, June 4, 2020
Title: Exercise as an appetizer.
Prayuth: One million million loan to restore [the nation] after covid-19
On chairs: PPRP [abbreviation of Palangpracharath party.]
On suits: PPRP [abbreviation of Palangpracharath party.]
Mouse man: Splitting the chairs [the payment] on the special meal.
Mouse: Will not starve.

[Massive spending has always been key to government stability as MPs and MP groupings typically have little ideological leanings. In most cases, they are groupings of regionally based tycoons, power brokers, mafia types (and their offspring) who have banded together to promote their own interests and that of their clans.
Governments always take any opportunity to spend big and those who can control ministries can reap the benefits of overpriced spending and kickbacks which are a ubiquitous part of the Thai world.
In these cartoons, the cartoonists note that the present spending, done under the cover of the pandemic and the emergency decree, has even less oversight that usual.
This has caused massive riffs in the government coalition as cabinet seats are coveted to be able to control this windfall.
The situation has even caused the Phea Thai to further fracture since a party cannot remain on the outside of controlling such large amounts and survive for long.
Adding to this is that the government’s conduct during the pandemic has created a groundswell against the military-led coalition.
All politicians are looking to a future where they can be positioned to be a part of a government both acceptable to the voters and acceptable to a military which has clearly singled it has the resolve to prevent a Thaksin-controlled or Future Forward-type party from gaining control of government.
This will lead to a future government that will not be able to be clearly labelled in one way or another. It will be a stew of non-ideological figures. This is a return to the “buffet cabinets” of Thailand’s boom years before Thaksin and the 1997 people’s charter when personality-based political cliques formed governments and were held together by government spending that ultimately rewarded those in power.]

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