Buffalo Ticks

From Manager, May 20, 2013
Tick: As Red Shirt scholars, we oppose the amnesty bill proposed by Mr. Chalerm.
Thaksin speaks to Red Shirt leaders Nattawut Saikua and Jatuporn Prompan: Don’t listen to them… They have just stricken our buffaloes to make themselves more famous.
Caption: The voice of ticks on the buffalo’s butt.

[Refers to Deputy PM Chalerm Yubamrung’s proposed draft controversial amnesty bill. This draft would absolve Thaksin and return his money in return for amnesty for all who acted in putting down the Red Shirt protest in 2010. The Red Shirt rank and file oppose the blanket amnesty that would let the military off the hook for the Red Shirt deaths on 2010.

Although Thaksin announced his support of the draft bill proposed by Pheu Thai Party MP Worachai Hema, whose bill appears not to absolve Thaksin and high-level military and politicians, it is believed Thaksin secretly ordered Chalerm to propose the blanket amnesty. Thus, the grand plan would be to push though both bills, and somehow end up with the blanket amnesty that includes Thaksin and returns his money.

The idea of ticks in this cartoon refers to the Thai idea that people will want to grab on to opportunistically grab onto movements and powerful people to promote their own interests. Thaksin and the Pheu Thai are working had to make sure their plans for the amnesty are pushed through and the Red Shirts stay united as a force on the ground to back up those plans. Thus, those in the Red Shirts who oppose amnesty can be denigrated as fame seekers.

Red Shirt leader Jatuporn is supposedly an example of the fame seeker. Unlike Nattawut and other leaders who were hand-picked by Thaksin to lead the Red Shirt movement, Jatuporn thrust himself into the middle of the debate by proving he was willing to say extreme things to raise the political temperature. Thaksin had no choice but to incorporate him into the movement.]

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