Buddhists Have Had Enough – March in Bangkok to Protest Buddha Bar and Disney animated dog named “Buddha”

Buddhists March in Bangkok to Speak Out to the World to Stop Disrespecting Buddha – virtual-strategy.com, June 26, 2012
…The high light of the March will be the enormous size signs depicting “Enough” on the Buddha Bar picture also the sign “No!” on the Disney movie “Snow Buddies” which use Buddha’s name as a Dog…
Mrs. Acharavadee Wongsakon, the Meditation master who is the founder and the President of Knowing Buddha organization said, “As a Buddhist, to love peace and tranquility dosen’t mean you should not do what’s right. We’ve been too quiet on these matters until the world misunderstood or forgot who Buddha is. The Buddha image is not meant for tattoo, furniture, any kind of logo, or to be used as merchandise…

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