Bringing up the old ghost of Thaksin

From Thairath, October 1, 2020
Title: Invoke a ghost… causing the kids to be confused or seek assistance
On the wall: Operation of the IO from people’s taxes
Paper held by PM Prayuth: Extend the power [referring to the constitution which has allowed the military to remain in power after elections]
His officer on the left yelling: To discredit the university and high school students people
His officer on the right yelling: Threaten; Spreading the news; Make people divided
Papers held by the students: 1 Dream; 2 Standpoints; 3 Demands
Phi Nooring: People know about it and won’t believe.
Mouse: Good at using the wrong means’

[Refers to how PM Prayuth uses to handle with the September 19 protest led by ‘Free People’ student group.

This cartoon ridicules the government contention that Thaksin was behind the protest. Therefore, the cartoon uses Thai idom “provoke the ghost” meaning trying to bring up an old story to scare people.

The cards held by the students refer to their demands. Initially the protesters announce three “demands” (stop threatening people, draft a new constitution and dissolve the parliament), two “standpoints” (no coup and no national government) and one “dream” (The King is under the constitution.)

Unfortunately for the opposition, the protest was overshadowed by a focus on frank talk about the monarchy and demands for its reform. Overseas protests held at the same time were even more confrontational.

Thus opposition hopes for a laser focus on a charter rewrite were dashed and the government blamed Thaksin and the Pheu Thai for the controversial content of the protest.

More on the September 19 protests and reorganization of the Pheu Thai leadership]

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